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Journey to the Cross – WCC Lent Prayer 2024

We invite you to join us at Wantage Community Church in our prayer journey this Lent.

Lent helps us to journey to the cross with Jesus. It is about preparing our hearts to be open once again to Jesus, the importance of his coming into the world and the effect that his presence should have in and on our lives. It reminds us of the significance of Jesus death and resurrection for our lives both now and for eternity. His journey to the Cross is still relevant for us today.

We remind ourselves of this in practical ways: historically many Christians have chosen to give something up – in order to say God you are more important that chocolate, alcohol, social media or my bad habits – that gives us time to reflect and to pray. Or we chose to take something up, a habit of prayer or of generosity creating new rhythms of grace to take us forward in our Christian walk with God.

This year we will be taking time as a church to Fast, to Pray and to Give during Lent. There will be a weekly prayer meeting on Sunday evenings – see our email or WhatsApp for details.

What might you consider fasting from? Chocolate, a television programme, food for a morning, a meal, a day per week? What adventures in prayer has God got for you? Spend the time you would have used eating, watching tv, scrolling through social media to pray, or use some of the 24-7 “pray for an hour” resources (e.g: here) or set an alarm on your phone to pray 3 x a day (here).

What might God be laying on your heart to give? Perhaps the money you would have spent on a take away coffee, or the loose change in your wallet, or give some of your time to prayer.

Click or tap on one of the weeks below (not on the picture!) to see the prayer for that week.  Alternatively click here to download a leaflet containing all of the information on these pages.

If you’d like to share your reflections or prayers then please join us on our Instagram page.