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Street Pastors

We are part of Wantage and Grove Street Pastors, one of the first Street Pastor initiatives in the Thames Valley outside of London. The Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about our community. They patrol on Friday and Saturday nights in Wantage and Grove to care for, listen to and help people who are out on the streets.

The pastors, supported by a prayer team every time they go out, have been patrolling since 2009 and have made a significant contribution to making our streets safer at night and helping to reduce certain types of crime. The initiative is supported by local churches and community groups in partnership with the police, local council and other statutory agencies. It is also a partner in the Wantage & Grove Community Alcohol Partnership, which aims to reduce under-age consumption of alcohol and associated anti-social behaviour.

 If you are interested in finding out more about our work, or are interested in becoming a Street Pastor, please click here.