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WCC User Guides

This page contains various user guides produced and used by Wantage Community Church.  Although this page does not appear in the WCC website menus it is available to anyone within the church who knows its address (viz:

When updating this page please be sure to upload the user guide documents as Page Files to the website rather than linking to them elsewhere (e.g. SharePoint) to ensure everyone can access them.  Also set the target of the hyperlink as a New Window.

When developing user guides and other documents for WCC guidance for the the look and feel of WCC materials is described at  This includes the logos, colours and preferred font for WCC materials.

Please contact Andy White if you wish to update any of these documents or if you have any contributions, suggestions, comments or questions.

Risk Assessments

We have a duty of care for everyone who attends events run buy the church.  Please make sure that everyone involved in setting up and managing any and all church activities are aware of and acting in accordance with these.

WCC220306WantageCCSundayAMRiskAssessment.pdf describes the safety measures that we need to apply whenever meeting on Sunday Mornings. 

WCCWPAFireEvacuationProcedurev2.0.pdf describes the process to be followed to evacuate the building in the case of fire.  Note that this file is password protected as it contains sensitive information.  Please contact  Andy White for the password.

Service Setup, Stewarding and Setdown

The following are user guides for setting up the various pieces of equipment that are used when the church gathers including, but not limited to, Sunday Services.

WCCUserGuide-SetupandSetdownatWPA2023-12.pdf explains what needs to be done, and in what order, before and after services at WPA.  This information is also sent out at the beginning of the week to those on the Stewards Rota for the following Sunday.  The document also includes the placement for all the signs (inside and out); layout of the Hall and fire exits at WPA.

WCCSetup-StorageCupboard2022-12.pdf illustrates how to pack equipment away into the storage cupboard at WPA.

WCCSetup-Check-InLaptop2021-10-04.pdf explains how to setup and use the laptop that can be used to register/check-in those attending the service.

WPASchoolSigns21-10-01.pdf contains the signs that are placed around the school to guide people around the building.  Note that there is a slide that shows where each sign is to be placed and that each individual sign also indicates where it is to be placed (in white text at the very bottom of the sign). 

Live Streaming

The system that we use to broadcast services to the internet is called StreamYard.  The following user guides explain how to setup the equipment that is used to live stream our services and how to direct this stream using StreamYard itself. 

WCCStreamyardDirecting-22-07-02.pdf explain how to setup and run the StreamYard session to broadcast our service on Sunday mornings.

WCCSetup-AudioVisual2024-06.pdf explains how to connect the AV amplifier and laptop computer for sound in the room and so that it can be broadcast to the internet.

WCC Setup - Camera Phone 2020-11 V2.pdf explains how to setup the Android phones to be used as cameras to broadcast video to the internet.

WCCSetup-AndroidCameraTablet2022-04.pdf explains how to setup the Android Tablet to be used a camera to broadcast video to the internet.

WCCSetup-WindowsAudioPC2022-06.pdf explains how to set up the Windows PC that streams audio from the Ui24 AV amplifier to the internet.

WCCSetup-ProjectionistsLaptop2024-06.pdf explains how to setup the laptop to project words and the StreamYard feed for those in the room and to broadcast them to the internet.

WCCStreamYardPicturesV1.pptx contains pictures that can be used whilst streaming, for example as banners.  Individual slides need to be save as .jpg files and then uploaded to StreamYard in order to be used.

Leading the Meeting

MeetingLeadersAideMemoire2023-01DraftB.pptx is a single page crib sheet that is attached to the lectern for the meeting leader(s)  


WCCUserGuide-Welcoming2024-03.pdf is a guide for those welcoming people to our services.

WCCWelcomeLeaflet2024-02.pdf is for people joining us for the first time at WPA.

WCCAboutUsBooklet2024-02.pdf is for people who want to know a little more about us as a church.

Wantage Primary Academy

The following relate to WCC's use of the school building.

WPADirectionsV3.pdf is a map showing how to find the school.

WPAAccess2024-05.pdf explains how to gain access to the building and then lock and set the alarm when leaving.   Note that this file is password protected as it contains sensitive information.  Please contact  Andy White for the password.

WPAKitchenEquipment2024-02v2.pdf explains how to do to use the cooking equipment in the kitchen in WPA.


ChurchSuite is the system that WCC uses to manage and share information about the church family and activities.

WCCUserGuide-IntroductiontoChurchSuitev4.2.pdf is a beginners guide to using ChurchSuite.  It should be sent to anyone who is being given access to the WCC ChurchSuite system at the same time as they are sent their login details.

WCC Crib Sheet - Use of ChurchSuite - V1.1.pdf is a two page crib sheet that explains what the various aspects of the system are used for and how to use the rota system.  It applies to everyone in the church.

WCCCribSheet-ManagingChurchSuiteRotas-V3.pdf is a one page crib sheet that explains how to manage WCC rotas in ChurchSuite.  It applies to anyone who manages one or more rotas, small groups or teams in the church.

WCCCribSheet-ManagingChurchSuiteCalendarEvents-V1.0.pdf is a four page crib sheet that explains how to manage Calendar Events in ChurchSuite.  It applies to anyone who needs to create or update WCC Calendar events.  Defining events in ChurchSuite makes them visible to members of WCC in My ChurchSuite and (where appropriate) to everyone on the WCC website.  

WCCCribSheet-AddingContactInformationtoChurchSuite2022-12-07.pdf is a one page sheet that explains when to add a person's contact information into ChurchSuite, and when to give them access to My ChurchSuite so that they can then manage this information themselves.


WCCWebsite-AddingSundayServiceVideosV1.1.pdf  explains how to add the recording of the live stream from a Sunday Service to the list of Catch Up videos on the church website.

Prayer Text Phone

How_to_use_the_prayer_text_phone_huawei_p8_lite.pdf explains how to use the dedicated WCC mobile phone to send out daily prayer texts.

Please contact Andy White for details of how to add or remove someone from the distribution list for these texts.


The following relate to the special measures being applied by the church during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Check-in sheet v2.docx is the sign-in sheet for those who don't use the NHS COVID app to sign in using the QRcode

COVID-19signs-V1.pdf contains an NHS COVID QRcode sheet and also the instructions for social distancing for the seats in the hall.